Fluorescent Blue Color 3D Printer Consumables, ABS, PLA, PC, HIPS

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4 types of 3D printing materials available 

Two types of diameters available

High quality and durable

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Your ideal consumables with high quality

Available in four materials including ABS, PLA, PC, and HIPS and two diameter types, these fluorescent blue consumables are the ideal solution for your 3D printers. 
ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a polymer that is molded and engineered to be a great material for 3D printing. It is lightweight and durable and can be injection molded which makes it perfect for 3D printing extruders. It has a high glass transition temperature to reduce deformation, but it is also low enough to be safely attainable with standard 3D printers. ABS is a hard strong plastic with some flexibility when compared to PLA. It is also soluble in Acetone, and it can be easily sanded and machined. It has good strength and machinability. In combination with the higher temperature resistance, it is often the preferred plastic among 3D printer users
PLA, Polylactic Acid, is created from processing a number of plant products. PLA can be composted at commercial facilities unlike ABS, which is derived from fossil fuels. PLA is a more earth friendly plastic. It is stronger and more rigid than ABS, and in general the printed objects will have a glossier look and feel compared to ABS. Unlike ABS, PLA can be sanded and machined. PLA has a lower melting temperature compared to ABS. As a material, PLA has much less warping versus ABS. Additionally, a heated bed is not required to print it. PLA generally enjoys sharper details and corners compared to ABS without the risk of cracking or warping. PLA can also be printed at higher throughput speeds.
PC produces functional prototypes, tooling and end-use parts in a familiar, durable engineering material. PC’s high tensile and flexural strength make it ideal for demanding prototyping needs, tooling and fixtures, and patterns for metal bending and composite work. Low-volume manufacturing and customization become feasible, and testing provides more confidence. 
HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene, is very similar to ABS in its printing properties, but works with different solvents (Limonene for HIPS vs acetone for ABS).  Experiments are ongoing for using HIPS as a support material due to Limonene not affecting ABS, and a similar cost.  Easy to paint and glue.
When printing, best to keep bed temps low, but extrusion at normal ABS temps works fine.
Material: ABS, PLA, PC, HIPS
Wire Diameter: 1.75mm, 3.0mm
Consumables Net Wight: lkg
Dimensions (cm): 15.5 x 15.5 x 9.0
Weight (kg): 1.2
Package includes:
One Fluorescent Blue Color 3D Printer Consumables, ABS, PLA, PC, HIPS


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