New 1.2GHz Security CCTV Wireless CMOS Color Video Camera and Video Receiver

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•    Provides for a good surveillance and security equipment with wireless camera, capturing of clear images through first-rate transmission
•    Consumes lesser power, is highly sensible, is light weight and small in size, and is thus easily portable
•    Easy installation and operation, suitable for commercial and residential surveillance
•    1 year warranty

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From wires to wireless – the all-in-one security CCTV video camera and receiver

Today, the world has gone from wires to wireless, including surveillance and security systems. Newer products have evolved and emerged for better security surveillance for commercial and residential purposes, such as the New 1.2GHz security CCTV wireless CMOS color video camera and receiver. A nextgen technological device for effective security and surveillance, this wireless transmitting device is suitable for monitoring employees at factories, shops, companies, any intruders on commercial and residential properties, homes as well as old people and children.Lightweight and small in size, this security CCTV wireless video camera and receiver is easy to install and operate, has high sensibility and consumes lesser power.

Simple and easy to set up, this CCTV wireless video camera and receiver involves connecting the receiver with the antenna, connecting the monitor with the AV wire to the receiver, plugging in all power jacks and fine tuning the image till the desired position appears onscreen. Afterwards, the lens of the camera can be adjusted to best position.

Camera Parameters
Camera image device –  CMOS Camera
Supports – Both CCIR/PAL and EIA/NTSC cameras
Image resolution – NTSC (510 X 492), PAL (628 x 582)
Image area – NTSC 4.69mm x 3.45mm, PAL 5.78mm x 4.19mm  
HD – 380-TV lines
Focus – Adjustable from 30 mm–infinity as well as manual
Operating Frequency – 1.2Ghz
Receiver Parameters
Voltage: 9-12V DC
Transmission Frequency – Video RCA Jack
Operating Frequency – 1.2GHz

The Package includes:
•    1 9V Battery Connectors for Wireless Camera
•    1 1.2GHz Security CCTV wireless radio video receiver
•    1 1.2GHz Security CCTV color CMOS wireless video cameras
•    1 RCA Cable


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